The Great Combine
City of Stockton, CA, Hammer Lane Street Improvement Project
2011 • Bronze • 6.5' x 10' x 3.5"

Stockton’s geographical location provides access to water transport; in its early history it was the starting point for the California gold fields. Later, Stockton was the home of Holt Manufacturing Co., which built and sold farm machinery all over the West. During the time that Holt was experimenting with combinations of reapers and threshers and traction engines, other American corporations and institutions were experimenting with vertically integrated financial combinations; both were known as “combines": machines that can seem impossible conglomerations, but which function with a grace and efficiency that belies their bulk. (Assuming appropriate government regulation.) “The Great Combine,” is a whimsical combination of the water transport, gold mining and machine works that were the engines of early Stockton’s economy. A water-born, gold-reaping/threshing/bagging machine— and a fanciful, dynamic celebration of the energy and vitality of Stockton.