A Delicate Balance, 2004 & 2006
Walla Walla, WA & Cannon Beach, OR

Two versions of a totem addressing one of life’s big questions: Which Came First?
The text on the piece at left are from the song, “A Delicate Balance” by Tom Dundee:
“And it's all such a delicate balance/Takes away just as much as it gives,
To live it is real, to love it is to feel/You’re a part of what everything is.”
(Used by permission) Calligraphy by Jeanne McMenemy

A 3.5' version of A Delicate Balance I (left, above) is available
through Northwest by Northwest Gallery, Cannon Beach, Oregon. Contact the gallery for more information.

To see a short video about this piece created by Jeffrey Townsend of Fancy Logo, click here